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Kevin offers the following services:

  • Over 37 years experience and registered Mobile Sheep Dipping Contractor with the Environment Agency
  • Sheep dip chemical supplied and disposed of in compliance with current legislation
  • Self contained unit carrying 1300 gallons of water
  • Able to dip during the summer months circa 2,500 sheep without requiring additional water
  • Complete service whereby sheep are pushed up the ramp and dipped, you simply bring the sheep to us and keep them coming
  • Able to dip in excess of 3,000 sheep per day
  • Sheep enter the dip at the rear of the lorry via a ramp, go through the dip and onto the draining area and can be released from either side of the lorry via ramps, to suit the farmer
  • The lorry has air suspension on the front and rear enabling us to level the drainage area accordingly
  • We also supply five sheeted hurdles enabling us to funnel to any penning system or fold
  • We carry a 2” water pump enabling us to fill up from a bowser or any water source
  • Mobile sheep dip is set up and ready for use in less than ten minutes after arriving on site
  • Our smallest customer currently is a research station in Wales with just 8 sheep and we dip in the region of 35,000 for our largest customer in Norfolk
  • Small numbers can be dipped providing we can source enough sheep within the area to cover the cost of logistics, etc