Mobile Sheep Dipping

We offer a complete mobile sheep dipping service throughout the UK from our farm in the Midlands. Dipping sheep provides the only certain way to cure and prevent sheep scab, blow fly strike and lice in a single treatment. Let us take care of the entire process using our purpose-built dipping lorry, which can be set up and dipping sheep within 10 minutes of arrival on site!

We are registered Mobile Sheep Dipping Contractors and will handle the supply and disposal of dipping chemicals and ensure that all regulatory compliance is properly maintained. All you need to supply are the sheep and we can dip over 3,000 of them per day. If you don’t have a large flock then you can club together with your neighbours to keep the cost down and we will also try to tie in with other sheep farmers in your area to reduce travel costs.

With over 37 years experience and more than 4,000,000 sheep dipped you can be sure of an efficient and reliable service. Sheep dip needs careful management, so why struggle to do it yourself – leave it to the experts. We currently dip a large number of sheep in North and Mid Wales, and can accommodate more in these areas too. Please browse the website and then call or e-mail for a quotation or if you have any questions for Kevin.